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What will you go on and do?

Our next NLP Practitioner course starts in April and we are really excited about getting together with our newest group of students. The course is one that is always full of laughter and discovery, and I've been reflecting on what brings people to the course, and what they go away with.

So what brings people to the course? Many are interested in coaching, often thinking of setting up their own business, and love the additional coaching material we provide to support their learning. Others have been on a journey with their own mental health and have reached the point where they want to learn skills to give something back. Some are 'passing through' Practitioner on their way to our Master Practitioner course, which is a powerful addition to those developing the leadership and management skills. And then others are interested in how they hypnotherapy training we offer fits neatly alongside.

More interesting than what brings people to the course, is what they go away with. A deeper and richer understanding of self. The skills and confidence to start the business they were dreaming of, or gain the promotion they've been looking for. The most common feedback is that the learning from the course has changed their life in a more significant way than they ever imagined.

So if you want some training to support you achieving your goal, then contact us for more details - course starts 13th April 2024, don't miss out

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