About us


With so many companies and coaches to choose from why would you want to choose Coaching & Mentoring Services?  Well let us tell you a little bit about what makes us different.

How we work

Starting with you


At Coaching & Mentoring Services we want the same as you do.  To achieve goals, remove barriers to success, work collaboratively, embrace diversity, respectfully and restoratively, and to know what the return on our investment will be.  Our aim is to work with you, and know that when our journey together draws to an end, you continue on your way confidently. Our coaching, mentoring and training is as individual as you are, and so we start with you, understand where you are now, where you want to be, and plan the journey with you.


Who do you know?

Many of our clients come to us by personal recommendation.  They have been referred by colleagues and friends, or have already used one of our services and know the benefits we deliver.  Client satisfaction is our highest priority, and we love it when our clients turn into our greatest advocates. 

We have developed a range of training particularly for working in the Public Sector and schools, including at senior leadership level, enhancing communication skills, and improving individual performance.  Check out what our other clients have to say, and get in touch so we can get to know more about you, and begin to build the right relationship. 

Business or personal

just ask

Our coaching offer is suitable for leaders and managers who are continually improving and know the value of the reflective practice coaching brings.  We also have a life coaching offer for those who want a safe space to talk and work on their goals or find solutions to their problems.


Our training offer includes standard packages (which get a refresh each time) and bespoke services according to the needs of our clients.  So whether you are facing your next major leadership challenge or want to try our whole school package, take a look at what we can offer, or contact us to find out how we can help you.


Viv Buckland

It's my pleasure to be the Managing Director of Coaching & Mentoring Services.  I have worked in senior leadership positions for many years and have observed the good, the bad and the mediocre.  Here at C&MS we believe that only great leadership is good enough and are delighted to work with those who want to step up and accept that challenge.

I was given some feedback, quite some years ago now, that when I really started focusing on coaching, my leadership impact grew significantly.  I'm passionate about coaching because the positive changes left in its wake support the delivery of transformational change.  When I later took a journey of learning through NLP, it provided a springboard for cultural change. 

Whether at individual or organisational level helping people to be their very best makes every day a great day.

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