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It goes without saying that Coaching & Mentoring Services (UK) Ltd offers coaching and mentoring services.  However we also offer more than that.  In the Life Coaching section you will find more information about how we work with individuals to support all areas of life.  In our Executive Coaching section you will find out who we can support your leadership, management and team through coaching.  Find out about Leadership and Management mentoring offer. And in our Learn with us section you will find our range of training and development courses that are on offer as a standard or bespoke offer.

Life Coaching


People seek coaching in all areas of their lives, not just in sport or business.  Everyone is unique and we want to work with you to achieve those goals in your life that really matter.  After an initial consultation we will match you with a coach and can offer anything from a single coaching session, through to a breakthrough package.  Or perhaps you would like to add some hypnotherapy as part of your coaching offer too.

Executive Coaching


Those already established in leadership positions, and aspirant leaders, will know that a coaching relationship offers an essential environment to explore solutions to the challenges of a volatile and complex world. Whether you are managing change through uncertain times or exciting times our coaching programme can help you achieve that clarity that is necessary for success.

Learn with us

Here at Coaching & Mentoring Services we are particularly focussed on leadership development and people skills.  We offer both mentoring and training packages to suit a range of development needs.  There are some popular learning experiences that have been tried and tested, and we can design with you a more bespoke package to meet your requirements.  Our NLP packages offer great value and if you are trying to decide between hiring an expert, or learning yourself to deliver in house improvements follow this link to see advice our professional association offers

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