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If you are an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner continue your professional development by joining us with a members package.  Members receive priority booking on courses, exclusive offers, access to the file share materials, and commission on referrals who decide to take up our training offer.  Most importantly there is a  'Zoom in' session each month with our qualified NLP trainer to support your  continuing professional development. To find out about our next 'Zoom in' session contact us

When you sign up to our NLP Practitioner Course you are invited to join our members area free of charge.  There you will find exclusive materials to support your learning, not just in NLP, but also coaching, mentoring and leadership.  New material is added regularly.

Once you have qualified as an NLP Practitioner you keep your membership access free of charge for 3 months.  If you have already signed up for Master Practitioner you contine with free access until 6 months following your qualification.

The Joining fee for new members, of £100, includes your Membership for the first six months, and then ongoing membership is only £10 per month thereafter.

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