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Soooo excited!

I know everyone is looking forward to lockdown easing, and wonder what you are most looking forward to being able to do again? This list will no doubt be long. I'm particularly excited to be able to get back to delivering face to face training. One of my favourite courses as a trainer is the NLP Practitioner course, and our next scheduled training in a few months includes our applied skills module with leadership, management and presentation skills.

I've been working in a senior leadership role for quite a few years, and remember a colleague telling me that learning to be an Executive Coach had been transformational for my leadership impact. I'd done the qualification because I love coaching, and wanted to take it further. And the colleague was right, it did have a really positive impact on how I worked as a leader. When I decided to take that development as a coach further, I took a slight diversion into the world on NLP. My goal was to enhance my coaching skills, and I did, but what I hadn't expected was the impact that would have on my leadership and management.

The opportunity to bring the attitude and learning from NLP into leadership has also brought some amazing feedback from colleagues, peers, and team members. And so as an NLP trainer, I've brought that learning right back into the NLP Practitioner programme. For those of you unfamiliar with 'learning NLP' some simple guidance might be worthwhile.

If you just want to know what NLP is then buying a book is probably the best route. There are plenty on the market and a Dummies guide to business NLP is as good as any. Quite a few NLP trainers will offer a free, or low cost, workshop, and as so many of these are online these days, they do offer an easy way to experience a taster session. But when it comes to recognised qualifications then you need a trainer who is registered with their appropriate certifying organisation. You can find online NLP practitioner courses for a small fee, however none of the certifying organisations endorse online only training. Even during Covid times, Practitioners have still needed an element of face to face training before they can qualify.

The face to face training is such an integral and essential part of NLP training that its worth waiting for this to be available again if you are thinking of signing up to any course. And hence the excitement - this is going to be possible again very soon. I'm particularly looking forward to our next Practitioner programme, because we are offering this one with applied skills in leadership.

The NLP Practitioner course has a standard, comprehensive curriculum whichever certifying organisation your trainer is registered with. After that trainers routinely include 'add-ons' in the course that are closely linked to NLP material. Often this will include hypnosis or Time Line Therapy. What makes our courses stand out is that they all include a module that applies the skills you have been learning directly to another real world skill. Our last course included applied NLP for coaches, focusing on people who were particularly interested in life coaching. Its possibly one of the most popular areas, and it was my coaching practice that brought me to NLP initially.

Our next Practitioner course includes our module on applications in leadership, management and presentation skills. Building trust, creating a team vision, changing the culture, inspirational language, to enhance your leadership skills. And then we deal with that common fear that people have of public speaking. A course developed and delivered by someone who practices those skills, in the leadership environment every day. Living proof that introverts can succeed at leadership and public speaking too. Come along and find your confident self. Contact us for more details

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