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Putting the wonder into wonderful

Well they have only gone and done it! The latest cohort of NLP Master Practitioner students have just passed with flying colours. They've been a special group all the way through their training and have completely lived up to their potential. As I sit here, writing this blog, they are busy putting the wonder of powerful listening into their clients' experiences on a day of incredible coaching. Clients and coaches alike are learning so much about their potential for growth and change.

Sometimes on our journey of learning we forget to remember that what has become commonplace to us is still mysterious to others. And sharing that knowledge can help to show us how small things can make such a big difference. Often the things that trouble us in the world seem so big, they deceive us into thinking they are insurmountable. And yet they are only big until we begin to break them down, confront them and realise that if we start to make one small change at a time, the journey is so much easier than we ever believed it could be.

Today, there is wonder in the room. There is laughter and tears, revelations, acceptance, people realising for the first time, it is ok to forgive themselves, and making space by clearing out the heavy baggage of life and replacing it with feelings that empower them. People releasing their fear of the things they want to say, knowing that they are in a safe space where whatever they need to say, that's right. Its exhausting just watching them!

Watching yesterday's students blossoming into to today's master practitioners is a wonderful experience. We have walked together through their meltdowns and tantrums, their confusion and enlightenment to today, when I don't need to tell them they are good enough, they are proving it to themselves. And growing with every realisation that they've got this.

I stop from time to time and question whether I still want a leadership role and a coaching business that brings with it the NLP training. And what I know is I love all of those things and they sit comfortably together. Each brings that wonderful opportunity to support, challenge and guide other people to achieve their full potential. What more do you want from a day?

If you would be interested in our coaching offer, or the autumn NLP Practitioner course, with applications in coaching, then get in touch.

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