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Now I know, you know, that you can, can't you?

Although there were delays, and some brief lockdown interruptions, we recently completed the latest NLP Practitioner course just over a week ago, and they were a fantastic bunch. Truly brilliant. We managed to cover 7 days of live training, and all without video conferencing, computers, in fact not even a powerpoint presentation in sight.



Every time I deliver a Practitioner training course I forget to remember how much I've come to know and understand. There are moments of real wonder as people come to realise what a big difference small stuff can make, and how amazing our minds are. As a trainer you can't help but take pleasure in the way the group gels together on their journey of discovery, and the exchange of glances when the look says more than a thousand words. The confidence they build in learning, experimenting and a sense of real success.

This particular group seemed to get to grips with Milton Model language in a way that few do. There were some amazing story tellers that took a real pleasure in writing transformational metaphors for each other, whilst others took the plunge and started using some Milton model patterns back in the real world, in the days off between training sessions. They were quickly discovering how to use that artfully vague language to best effect. And after all you can, can't you, make that choice to do something different now, or even sooner.

We made sure that learning was fun, accessible to all, and no-one was ever left behind. It was exciting, enlightening, safe, and free from judgement. You know the course has gone well when you reach the end, everyone passes with flying colours, and then just doesn't want to leave the training room behind. And of course they don't have to for long, as Master Practitioner will be running from May 2021, and our Zoom In cpd sessions will be getting underway in January.

And this morning I was back to the virtual video conferencing world to spend a couple of hours with colleagues to share how you can use some of the tools of NLP to improve your wellbeing. More than ever we need to do all we can to take care of our health and wellbeing, and the session gave easy to use techniques that anyone can use. Tips for reducing stress, or calming an anxiety attack. We talked about retuning memories and feelings to make some negative events feel better. And ended with story time - this time using imaginative story writing to help set powerful goals we know we can achieve.

If a session like this sounds interesting to you, and you like the look of what you see, then drop me a line, comment on the post, or visit the website and use the contact form to let me know, and lets see if we can't do just a little more to help anyone improve their wellbeing through NLP

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