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NLP Master Practitioner programme

Fast track NLP Master Practitioner certificate


On the master practitioner programme you will take your practitioner skills to mastery level as well as learning many advanced techniques. With a modelling project, advanced linguistics and the exploration of values and meta-programmes, the course then culminates with the Breakthrough session where you will coach a client and be coached yourself. 

As with our Practitioner course there is some home study in advance to enable us to keep the Master Practitioner down to a total of 12 days.  

Upcoming course - summer 2023.  The course runs over 4 weekends

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So what specifically will you learn?

Prime concerns

An amazing linguistic tool-kit to discover the root cause of an issue and to literally shake your clients’ negative model of the world allowing new outcomes to emerge.

Quantum Linguistics

Master Practitioners are masters of using language to deliberate and predictable effect. You’ll learn conversationsal change techniques that leave your clients wondering how they ever 'did' their problem before.

Presentation skills

You will learn how to read the room and react accordingly. You will be able to build rapport with large or small groups. We will also learn to use sleight of mouth patterns to reframe any issue in seconds.


Values are simply those things that are valuable to us, or what’s really important to us. They are the how we judge our own behaviour and that of others. You will learn how to elicit values in others and how to change them when they do not provide your client with the result they need.

Meta programmes

Meta programmes are our unconscious filters to perception. We use them to process information, to motivate ourselves and to structure our reality. For those of you who are managers this will transform how you deal with performance and development with your colleagues.


Our Practitioner programme has already set the foundation for this.  At Master Practitioner level we look at how to design sessions that have a transformational impact. 

Breakthrough session

The course finishes with all participants delivering and receiving a ‘Breakthrough’ session. Five to six hours per person are provided. This is where all your learning comes together as Master Practitioners design their breakthrough sessions to meet their clients’ needs.  An amazing way to end, giving and receiving a truly powerful coaching experience.

Applied NLP

Our Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses both come with additional applications of NLP in Coaching, Leadership, Presentations and School Based applications. Check with us which additional elements are included

How is this NLP Master Practitioner training conducted?

There is 120 hours of guided learning to become a Certified NLP Master Practitioner with the American Board of NLP.  This could be the equivalent of 20 days of training.  Most people we have worked with would prefer to take less time away from their families, work or business and so we offer a combined distance learning and 12 day classroom (some may be virtual) based programme. This is a very interactive programme using the accelerated learning techniques.

The distance learning component is made up of two elements:

  • Listening to a comprehensive set of audio material alongside the course manual

The audio material provides you with most the knowledge you need to become a Certified NLP Master Practitioner.  We recommend that you allow at least a month to work through this. We can then use the 12 days of live training to focus on skills and behaviour change. Students who follow the instructions and complete this distance learning before attending the live training go on to be very successful.

  • Preparing an open book test to embed your knowledge gained from the audio and manual

You do the exercise in your own time and you can use all the reference material you need to ensure that you are completely successful.  You will receive feedback on any areas that you have not yet fully understood enabling you to  receive a 100% success rate on all questions.

Who is likely to benefit from this programme?

  • Business people who want to learn the most advanced tools for reframing problems to solutions, personality profiling  and how to use that profile to communicate in the most effective way to maximise performance.

  • Therapists, counsellors, coaches, consultants who want to add an impactful set of tools to their 'toolbox'.

  • Individuals who want to achieve more of what they want out of life.


What if I decide to attend?

Contact us to answer any questions you may still have, choose course dates, and check out payment options. You have to have achieved your Practitioner certificate before commencing Master Practitioner so you may already be taking advantage of our Members area, where you have access to exclusive material to support your learning, and a forum to chat and learn with others.  The distance learning material will be on its way to you, and you will continue your Coaching and Mentoring Services quality relationship.  We are really looking forward to joining you at the live training.

Once you have met the certification criteria you will be awarded your NLP Master Practitioner Certificate recognised by the American Board of NLP. That means that no matter where you go in the world your certificate will be recognised by the appropriate bodies.

As you consider it now, this will continue your amazing journey, that will twist and turn, as you take new opportunities, and you pursue the direction you want for your life.  Whatever direction you choose, that's right.

The full price of this certificated programme is £2,750 but check out our Pricing and Discounts page for details of discounts and payment options.  A non-refundable deposit of £275 is payable on booking.

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