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NLP for Wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing is important and this workshop is a way to explore some of the themes of NLP, gaining amazing insights into yourself and others.  People who attend this 2 hour workshop learn how to use some of the techniques from NLP to improve their mental wellbeing by learning about the NLP communication model and presuppositions.  These are the foundations of how we manage our thoughts and feelings more effectively. 


We venture on to discover more about our unconscious mind and how it works with us, and sometimes seemingly against us, before finding out how to engage its support in setting goals that we can consistently achieve.

This is a couple of hours to explore your understanding of how your mind works and learn techniques to support your wellbeing.  You can join in with friends or meet new people on the journey.  We are currently offering this course over Zoom to make it readily accessible wherever you are.

The cost of the workshop is only £25.  If you choose to take your learning further with us on by signing up to the NLP Practitioner course then we will deduct twice your investment, £50, from the price of the Practitioner course.

Check out some of the recent feedback from participants on the wellbeing workshop.


"I really enjoyed this training and I definitely plan to use what I have learnt. The trainer was amazing, really engaging and open to any and all questions. Thank you"

"I liked the overview of NLP as I have heard about it but never looked into it. I really liked all the participatory exercises which made the event very enjoyable at the time...and I found some of the techniques learnt were effective and yet so simple. As an anxiety sufferer with a slight nasal deformity, I have done many a breathing exercise in the past, that I have got into a bit of a twist with the more I have focused on the hot chocolate visualisation was amazing! Thank you"

"The training was exceptional. She ensured that everyone was included and went at a good pace. She was knowledgeable and attentive. I hope to extend my learning."

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