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Life and Wellbeing Coaching



Sometimes we know exactly what we want, and sometimes we want something but are not yet sure exactly what.  Either way, coaching can help.  It can help you describe your goal and create an action plan to get there.  Or it may be about releasing those fears that have been holding you back.  It can help you work through the questions and find your own best answers.  Most often it feels like the very best conversation you've ever had. 

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

What stops you from starting today?

What will it take for you to invest in yourself?

We've described some options below for you to think about.  The coaching and hypnotherapy is effective in a wide range of situations.  You may wish to choose a Breakthrough coaching day, for maximum impact.  Alternatively the learning zone will set you up with new skills that will build your confidence in many areas of your life.


Gift Vouchers

Struggling to find the perfect gift for family, friend or colleague?  Our special offer Coaching Gift vouchers are perfect.  A one hour session for only £50.  Vouchers emailed so no waiting in for delivery or getting lost in the post.  Include a personalised message.

Just email us with your request



So how do you know that coaching is the right thing for you?  Whenever you want to find your own best answers to questions, want to understand better where you are in a situation, or move passed something that has been leaving you feeling stuck, then you want to consider coaching.  It's not just for business, its for the journey of life.

Our qualified coaches have all travelled their own journeys, and so come with different approaches.  Alongside coaching you will also find NLP practitioners who offer an additional range of interventions to help you changes those beliefs that have been holding you back.  MBIT coaches who work not only with your thoughts, but also your gut instincts and heartfelt desires. We also have qualified hypnotherapists if what you really want is a massage for the mind.

Learning zone

We offer a programme of training in NLP with courses building up from some personal change programmes, up to the certified Practitioner and Master Practitioner level.  We fit these to the interests of the participants, so you will find courses designed for those embarking purely for personal development, as well as those who wish to use that learning therapeutically, in coaching or in leadership.

You will also find our School programmes.  Choose from NLP Practitioner with applied NLP for school leaders, or our Whole School Programme offering every member of staff an introduction to the concepts of NLP and then bespoke tools for use with the children.

We also offer shorter workshops for those looking for development in a range of people skills including communication, presentation skills, handling criticism and complaints, and good decision making.

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