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NLP Business Diploma, Practitioner and Master Practitioner

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, is like discovering a users manual for the brain.  We delve into the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind, and harness the power of working with them both in harmony.  We learn how to think in a really healthy way, consistently achieve our goals and understand the importance of how we talk to ourselves and others.  

Our Business Diploma course runs over 3 days of live training. Practitioner courses involve about 50 hours of pre-course study, followed by 7 days of live training in a group.  All the materials are supplied and you will be fully supported throughout the course.  We understand that everyone's availability varies and offer courses to fit.  Once you have qualified as a Practitioner you can move on to our Master Practitioner course, which involves 14 days of live training. You will find more details in the FAQ pages or Contact us.


Our qualified trainers deliver fully certificated courses throughout the year.  You will be provided with exclusive access to our members only area of our website.  Ask about our payment plans, discounts for public sector employees and our refer a friend scheme.

Hypnotherapy training

Join one of our range of hypnotherapy training courses certificated through the ABH. We offer Practitioner level training either linked to NLP Practitioner or as a separate course.

We also offer a Master Practitioner certification, again either linked to your NLP certification, or as a standalone course.

We also have on offer a couple of different advanced hypnotherapy courses for those who want to add some additional learning to their practice.

Or for those of you who may wish to learn more about self hypnosis, we also offer a one day course open to anyone.

Contact us for more details

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