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NLP practitioner programme

Run by trainer, Viv Buckland, our NLP training programme has a strong ethical basis and a focus on ensuring you are completely confident in your new skills.  Many people go on to use these skills in therapy and coaching, and what makes our course stand out from many others is that we include options about how you go on to apply these skills in your work.  So we offer applied NLP skills on each course, so that you leave with a sound understanding of some relevant practical applications.  The options we currently offer include coaching, leadership and management, and school based NLP.  You simply choose to join the most relevant course for you.

Why consider this NLP training programme?  


NLP Training will help you to:

  • Set compelling goals and consistently achieve them

  • Understand how to be in control of your emotions 

  • Break those habits that are no longer working for you

  • Coach others to set goals for themselves

  • Build great relationships with those around you

  • Realise all of the choices you want to take

  • Become a world-class communicator

  • Develop your flexibility in dealing with all situations

  • Motivate and inspire with the language you use

  • Ongoing support through our membership package


7 day fast track NLP practitioner

So what specifically will you learn?


Here are some of the exciting things you will learn as part of the NLP Practitioner Programme.

Well-formed outcomes – the keys to goal achievement

  • How to set goals that you consistently achieve

  • Ask a set of key questions that help others to get totally clear about their outcomes 

Rapport – the foundation to influencing others 

  • Quickly assist others to feel comfortable with you whenever you meet them

  • Use your physiology and voice tonality to build unconscious rapport in meetings and over the phone

Representational Systems – how our five senses influence our thinking 

  • Understand your own preferred representational system

  • Learn how to identify styles in others

  • Identify eye patterns in others and how this can assist you to know how they are thinking

Language patterns – use your language with direction and purpose

  • Use your language in a way that gains you greater influence

  • Specifically learn the Milton & Meta language models

  • Ask questions that reveal hidden meaning.

  • Overcome objections elegantly.

  • Improve your negotiation skills by learning techniques to gain agreement 

Submodalities – taking charge of your brain  

  • Learn how your brain works

  • Discover how to use sub-modalities to quickly change unwanted feelings, behaviours and beliefs

  • Use the SWISH pattern to rapidly break unwanted habits. 

Anchoring – create your own 'happy' button


  • Learn how to use anchors to change how you feel 

  • Remove bad feelings associated with past experiences.

  • Unstick those 'stuck' feelings

 Strategies – the unconscious steps we take to create all of our actions


  • Discover how to elicit and utilise strategies in yourself & others

  • Discover how you decide what to buy

  • Reveal how your boss makes decision

Options - choose one of the following options

  • Coaching - ideal for those wanting to develop their coaching skills, it will cover a range of coaching frameworks that build on the NLP skills you have just learned

  • Leadership - for experienced and aspiring leaders this option applies you NLP learning to cover motivating, inspiring, creating vision and changing culture of the team or organisation

  • School based NLP - using your new skills in the classroom with the children including the NLP spelling strategy

How is this NLP training conducted?

There is 120 hours of guided learning to become a Certified NLP Practitioner with the American Board of NLP.  This could be the equivalent of 20 days of training.  Most people we have worked with would prefer to take less time away from their families, work or business and so we offer a combined distance learning and 7 day classroom based programme. This is a very interactive programme using the accelerated learning techniques.

The distance learning component is made up of two elements:

  • Listening to a comprehensive set of audio material alongside the course manual

The audio material provides you with all the knowledge you need to become a Certified NLP Practitioner.  We recommend that you allow at least a month to work through this. We can then use the 7 days of live training to focus on skills and behaviour change. Students who follow the instructions and complete this distance learning before attending the live training go on to be very successful.

  • Preparing an open book test to embed your knowledge gained from the audio and manual

You do the exercise in your own time and you can use all the reference material you need to ensure that you are completely successful.  You will receive feedback on any areas that you have not yet fully understood enabling you to  receive a 100% success rate on all questions.

Who is likely to benefit from this programme?

  • Business people who want to learn the most advanced tools for creating relationships, effective communication and ethical use of language to influence and motivate.

  • Therapists, counsellors, coaches, consultants who want to add an impactful set of tools to their 'toolbox'.

  • Individuals who want to achieve more of what they want out of life.


What if I decide to attend?

Contact us to answer any questions you may still have, choose course dates, your choice of applied NLP, and check out payment options.  Once you have signed up you will be invited to join our Members area where you will have access to exclusive material to support your learning, and a forum to chat and learn with others.  The distance learning material will be on its way to you, and you will have begun your Coaching and Mentoring Services quality relationship.  We are really looking forward to joining you at the live training.

Once you have met the certification criteria you will be awarded your NLP Practitioner Certificate recognised by the American Board of NLP. That means that no matter where you go in the world your certificate will be recognised by the appropriate bodies.  As you consider it now, this is the start of an amazing journey, that will twist and turn, as you notice new opportunities, and you choose the direction you want for your life.  Whatever direction you choose, that's right.

The full price of this certificated programme is £1,200 but check out our Pricing and Discounts page for details of discounts and payment options.  A non-refundable deposit of £100 is payable on booking. 

If you are considering NLP Master Practitioner then we offer a package price when both courses are booked at the same time.  Once you have successfully completed your Practitioner course you simply choose the next Master Practitioner course with dates to suit you.  Check out the Pricing and Discounts page for details of the saving.

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