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Hypnotherapy Practitioner




3 Days

About the Course

The course provide an introduction to professional hypnotherapy and covers essential basics of Rapport and communication, History of Hypnosis. The Conscious, Unconscious, and the Critical Faculty

Preparing for a Trance, Stages of Hypnosis, Suggestibility Tests, The Milton Model and Ericksonian Inductions (x2), Deepening Techniques, including Fractionation, Suggestions and Post-Hypnotic Suggestions, Professional Conduct, Contraindications for the use of Hypnosis

How to Conduct an Interview to Assess Someone’s Needs, Scope of practice

Pendulum Work (Ideomotor Signals)

You get a certificate that’s accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).. It is one of, if not the largest board, with over 1,000 accredited training centres around the world.

Once you have your certificate, you’ll be able to join ABH as one of its registered practitioners.

Your Instructor

Viv Buckland

Viv Buckland

Viv is an experienced NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer who focuses on the individual needs of her students to ensure they get the most from the course.

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