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Holding out for a Hero

Today is Remembrance Sunday, a time when we pause and remember those who gave their lives in both world wars and conflicts since. We remember with gratitude those who lost their lives defending our way of life. Its a small gesture now to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice then. Heroes aren't made from those who set out to be heroic, but by those who set out to do their job with bravery.

During these times of the Covid pandemic there are many people who are simply setting out to do their job bravely, in hospitals and schools, where the risks of infection are higher. None of us can be quite certain how we would be affected by the virus. And so lockdown is here to reduce those life threatening risks for as many as possible.

But is it only situations of life and death that warrant bravery? 2020 has been a significant year in so many ways, with major challenges, and often with innovation in response. Few people are anticipating that life will ever go back to how it was before, but most accept that when we come out of the other side of this pandemic, our economy and way of working will remain fundamentally changed. It certainly seems that now is a time for some brave leadership. Leaders who are able, and willing, to face that the future will not be the same as the past. That difficult decisions need to be made, and that they need to step out from behind those decisions and lead with conviction and clarity.

In times of uncertainty it can be difficult to feel brave. Facing financial challenges can leave us wanting to defend territory that feels like it is being attacked, rather then feeling able to ask ourselves how we meet those challenges. Control is an illusion. None of us are really in control of anything other than how we respond to a situation. And the Law of Requisite Variety tells us that those who have the greatest flexibility of behaviour have the most control over the system.

So how flexible are your responses when your plan collides with reality? Are you feeling under attack? Digging in? Or adapting and evolving? Feeling fearful or feeling brave? Doing the right thing even when no-one else around you seems to be?

If now seems like the toughest challenge yet, and everything seems overwhelming, take time out with a coach to reflect on how you are making your decisions. Time with someone impartial, who will make no judgements, but only enable you to challenge yourself, before others do. If you are ready to reflect feel free to contact us

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