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Growing up I was always told that you get what you pay for, and so if you are going to buy something that you want to be of good quality then expect to pay a reasonable price for it. Its true, cheap shoes = blisters or worse, and good quality costs more money. You can tell it was a time when fast fashion wasn't a thing, or if it was, it certainly wasn't a thing in our house! And now we all know to beware of things that look too good to be true, it probably means they are. So is it still possible to offer something genuinely for free, and expect people to take it up?


2020 has been something of a challenging year, for some much more than others, but for all of us, life has been very different. I know that so many people have been struggling with their mental health, listened to head teachers who are beyond exhausted, and colleagues who are desperate to get back into the office purely for that human contact and interaction again. A small number go for the use of a desk or proper chair, but office spaces will need to be much more than desks and chairs in the future as people have learned that the true value of office space is a place to collaborate together.

And so over the last couple of months I've been offering a 2 hour workshop through our internal training offer in the 'day job' on Improving Wellbeing using NLP. Take up has been high, and feedback really positive. Its a session that introduces people who often know nothing about NLP to some simple tips and techniques to help you to manage your feelings. Let's be honest, we could all do with a bit of extra help sometimes.

As we move through the slightly less festive season than usual, and out into 2021 I'm going to extend the offer of the session, over Zoom, to anyone who would like to take up the offer. All you need to do is head over to the website and use the contact form to send a note to let me know whether you prefer an evening or weekend. Then in January I'll send you an invitation to join a session.

So what's the catch? Well, there isn't one. The choices are all yours. You can choose to ignore the offer completely. You can choose to contact us, but request that we don't keep you on any mailing lists - and we will respect that. You will still be welcome to take part in one of the sessions. You can choose to follow us on Twitter or Instagram or you can subscribe to the mailing list. You can even find an interest in NLP and go on to find out more about other courses. Or perhaps you would like to be put in touch with one of our Practitioners for a follow up 121 session.

The 2 hour session will cost you exactly that, 2 hours of your time to listen to things that might just make a positive difference in your life. What is the cost of not trying it?

I'm only going to be offering the sessions in January and February as we'll be busy with the next Practitioner course in March. So what's stopping you taking the chance while its still there?

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