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Coaching the Journey

Often in coaching a client comes along with a goal they want to achieve or a problem they want to solve. So its really nice to also have some clients who are there for the journey. Quite often clients taking that step into a new leadership role that know that they need a place to take stock and reflect on their practice. A safe space to admit where they could have done better and use the conversation to uncover what led to that behaviour on that day, in the meeting or scenario. A clean conversation that enables them to continue to develop their own leadership style, based on their own values, skills and personality,

The thing about leadership is that it can feel lonely at times. And I think that has been particularly true over this last year, where work and home life have been thrown together for many people, and for others going into school, or office, making changes that have never been considered before. Having to make decisions when the answer isn't clear and the situation keeps changing. When the team are feeling overwhelmed, and exhausted, they look to the leader even more for reassurance, inspiration and motivation. So where does the leader turn?

Coaching is a great space to have a trusted relationship where you can work out your own best answers. You don't need, or even want, someone to tell you what to do, you just want the space to collect and organise your thinking, notice how your feelings are affecting you, and regain your sense of direction. Even those at the top of their game, in fact more so those at the top of their game, know that staying there is about remaining reflective and noticing what works for them, and where there are unintended consequences.

Over the last few weeks I've been working with some new clients and we've had our first coaching conversation. To be even more specific it has been their first coaching conversation. And I've been hearing the same thing come up again and again.

"Now that's an interesting question"

Invariably we think we know ourselves, and the truth is we do so much on auto-pilot that we miss a great deal, both good and bad. Until you've experienced coaching I guess you could wonder how someone who just asks you questions can help in any way. Well until you've experienced the learning that emerges from questions, and the development of your leadership style as a result, I guess you'll just keep wondering.

If you would like some company on your leadership journey, someone who doesn't want to share your limelight, and is happy to remain in the shadow, then contact us about our coaching offer.

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