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NLP Master Practitioner




12 Days

About the Course

On the master practitioner programme you will take your practitioner skills to mastery level as well as learning many advanced techniques. With a modelling project, advanced linguistics and the exploration of values and meta-programmes, the course then culminates with the Breakthrough session where you will coach a client and be coached yourself. 

As with our Practitioner course there is some home study in advance to enable us to keep the Master Practitioner down to a total of 12 days.

Price includes 6 months membership following completion of the course.

Contact us for payment options and to enquire about a further discount available if you work in the public sector

Your Instructor

Viv Buckland

Viv Buckland

Viv is an experienced NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer who focuses on the individual needs of her students to ensure they get the most from the course.

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