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This one is for the teachers...

If you had a magic wand and could make 3 wishes I wonder what they would be. Perhaps that the DfE guidance machine would grind to a halt to give you time to implement their last instruction before they issue the next one. Maybe that being a teacher meant that was all you had to do. Even that time in school could be a pleasure again, and that the new term was not a mixture of fear and anticipation.

There are so many big things in life we can't control that it can quickly feel overwhelming, and may seem hard to focus on the even greater number of small things that we can do something about. And the fact is that the small things really matter. Each small action we tick off the to do list brings a sense of achievement, a sense of progress, and a reminder that we can make a difference. This year we are focusing on making the small things count.

I was particularly inspired by a recent cohort of NLP practitioners who really got stuck into some of the Milton model language and began to experiment with it. They came back with stories of how some of the small changes they had made were making a real difference with people they worked with, and with the young people that they were working with each day. A number of them work with some very challenging teenagers and were finding that the new skills they had were adding seamlessly to their other training.

So throughout this year we will be posting some simple tips each day that you might like to try for yourselves. Ways to reframe and rephrase everyday classroom comments and questions. Small changes that are easy to implement and add to your own teaching style. All you need to do is head over to the website and follow us on Twitter or Instagram and try some out for yourself.

For those of you who may not have come across Milton Erikson or NLP, the language patterns make use of presuppositions and embedded commands that are primarily picked up by the unconscious mind. They are generally permissive which means there is little to 'rebel' against and offer a perception of choice, although presuppose that the person will do what is being asked. Will you follow us on Twitter or on Instagram?

We know you have got enough to do right now without thinking about your highest priority for training, so these posts will give you and your staff something that is simple and fun to try out until you decide you want to know more. Go on, give them a try, and if you like them, share with your colleagues. We know you know where to find us if you want to know more.

And just to let you know that we are still offering a two hour Zoom workshop on Improving your Wellbeing with NLP. To claim one of these sessions completely FREE just use the contact us form on the website, or message me directly through LinkedIn.

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