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NLP Practitioner




7 days

About the Course

Our NLP training programme has a strong ethical basis and a focus on ensuring you are completely confident in your new skills.  Many people go on to use these skills in therapy and coaching, and what makes our course stand out from many others is that we include options about how you go on to apply these skills in your work.  So we offer applied NLP skills on each course, so that you leave with a sound understanding of some relevant practical applications.  The options we currently offer include coaching, leadership and management, and school based NLP.  You simply choose to join the most relevant course for you.

Why consider this NLP training programme?  


NLP Training will help you to:

  • Set compelling goals and consistently achieve them

  • Understand how to be in control of your emotions 

  • Break those habits that are no longer working for you

  • Coach others to set goals for themselves

  • Build great relationships with those around you

  • Realise all of the choices you want to take

  • Become a world-class communicator

  • Develop your flexibility in dealing with all situations

  • Motivate and inspire with the language you use

  • Ongoing support through our membership package

Price includes 3 months membership following completion of the course.

Contact us for payment options and to enquire about a further discount available if you work in the public sector

Your Instructor

Viv Buckland

Viv Buckland

Viv is an experienced NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer who focuses on the individual needs of her students to ensure they get the most from the course.

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